Wet Rooms: The Best Bathroom Option

Changing styles, making new places out of the old ones, the modern world is evolving quite instantly in this aspect. From the beginning, bathrooms have been the centre of attention. There was a lot of money spent on renovating a bathroom and making it look like heaven on earth so you can relieve your stress in a great warm shower. But I bet you may have never heard of a wet room or you may even wonder what is a wet room?
This article, discusses some details about the wet room, its installation and how is it a better option than the bathroom.

What is a Wet Room?

Many people don’t know what is a wet room? A wet room is a bathroom without a shower tray or screen and without an enclosure that surrounds the shower. All water drains away from the shower area through a flush drain in the doorway of the shower. The walls and the floor have been coated with a waterproof membrane to prevent water from leaking and causing damage to the building.

What is so great about a wet room?

You may question yourself why you need it? It has some above-mentioned pros and cons but certain aspects which make it stand out from the competition.

Adds Style to your Home

Your home can be transformed with a variety of wet room designs, giving it a more contemporary look. Wet rooms commonly feature tiling on the walls and floor, so you can add a unique touch to your bathroom by incorporating geometric patterns or contrasting colours.

Can Save Space

There are many reasons why wet rooms are often used in smaller houses, apartment buildings or businesses. Even though an average house has at least one bathroom with a bath, a wet room doesn’t require one by default. It’s also possible to remove the bathtub if you aren’t planning on using it.
With the bath removed you will instantly have a lot more space available for other fixtures, Bathroom furniture, or simply to enjoy some more breathing room!

Property value increased

Wet rooms are also a selling point and will add value to your home, so many people love to add them to their homes. In addition to waterproofing a major area in your home, you will also increase the value by adding a wet room to your bathroom.

Easy to Clean

It is easy to clean a wet room, which is one of its biggest advantages. Since the environment is so moist, it is possible to use normal household bathroom cleaners to disinfect and prevent mould and mildew from growing.

Enhanced safety

Wet rooms are the ideal option for many people who require easy access to a bathroom. As wet rooms do not have a shower tray and the floors are non-slip, they are a great choice for those who use wheelchairs, as well as children with disabilities or elderly people.


Talking about the pros and cons of wet room, they surely have some negatives and points. When planning to install a wet room, it is recommended to understand the flaws and the benefits of a wet room.


Wet rooms are great in the way that they are long-lasting. Wet room tiles are waterproofed, and correctly installed wet rooms are extremely leakproof. This implies there are fewer chances of mould being developing and the place will need minimum maintenance. Wet room products of high quality will always be backed by lifetime warranties.

Easy installation

Wet rooms are simple to install when you work with an expert fitter and use industry-leading materials. Waterproofing and drainage membranes are among the products Wet rooms manufactures to make installation easy.

Effective for Small Bathrooms

Wet rooms are waterproof and can be installed in any room of your house to give you plenty more space for relaxing in the shower. Creating the illusion of space, even in the smallest of rooms, is easily achieved with a wet room if you are struggling for space. In addition to removing your old shower enclosure or bathtub, you will create a spacious and attractive room in your house by removing them.



It isn’t surprising that wet rooms can be expensive to build, considering all the work they require. The average cost of a professional installation is between £6000 and £12,000. This is considerably more expensive than a traditional bath. However, it can be helpful in long term.

Drainage Issue

When it comes to wet rooms, water drainage can be a major disadvantage. It is possible to flood your home if they aren’t installed correctly. For your bathroom to remain leak-free, it is important to flush out hair build-up in the plug more frequently.

Things Could Get Soggy

Since the shower is no longer enclosed, it is somewhat inevitable that the entire room will become wet when the shower is being used. Soft furnishings and towels may get soggy because of this. Luckily, professionals always come up with very clever design ideas to solve this problem. The space can be designed so that nothing gets soaked every time someone showers.


You may encounter dampness in a small wet room if it is not well insulated. Fortunately, ventilation and extractor fans make it easy to solve this problem. Waterproofing is integral to the design of wet rooms.

Slippery Floors

Despite widespread belief, wet room floors are level and slip-resistant tiles are used everywhere. So even though wet room floors seem more dangerous than any other bathroom surfaces, they are not.

What to Consider Before Installing a Wet room?

It is advised to take your time thinking and carefully considering all the aspects of installing a wet room. Below are some pointers that must be kept beforehand.


You must have an efficient draining system in place in your wet room in addition to being waterproof. If not, any leaks or water damage may result in substantial maintenance and repair costs. Underneath the floor and behind the walls of a wet room is a sealed tanking membrane, which performs the function of waterproofing. From traditional bitumen tanks to paint-on waterproofing kits, there are many different options for tanking.

Keep Ventilation

It is important to keep in mind that in wet rooms, as in any bathroom, adequate ventilation is vital to keep mould from growing and to keep a healthy airflow. A window can be opened or an extractor fan installed to limit moisture accumulation.


Wet rooms are likely to be covered by water, so choosing slip-resistant tiles will help to prevent any accidents. A modern design that combines stone or mosaic style tiles with a natural sheen is the best, while tiles with shine and high gloss should be avoided at all costs.


Even though it’s not necessary, underfloor heating might be something to consider, since it’s a relatively easy addition to a wet room since you’re already waterproofing and tiling it. A heated floor system is easy to install and provides a warm place to rest your feet, while also allowing your bathroom to dry much faster, limiting mould and unnecessary cleaning.

Bottom line

Having a wet room provides your home with both style and functionality while providing a host of advantages. Once you know what is a wet room bathroom you can customize one to your taste. In addition to the sleek and modern look, they do not only reduce a homeowner’s time spent cleaning and maintaining their home but they are also very appealing to potential buyers if they decide to sell. While wet rooms are somewhat more costly than traditional bathrooms, they are a sound investment in the long run that will yield long-term benefits. We can help you find the perfect bathroom accessories in UK with the kitchen toilet bathroom. Contact us now.

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