What Is A Shaker Kitchen?

A Shaker kitchen is a distinct basic kitchen design with clean lines and little to no ornamentation. Shaker kitchen cabinet doors are made of a four-piece wood frame and recessed panel. The majority of these kitchen cabinets are built using dovetail joints and wood. Due to the Shakers’ strict religious beliefs, the earliest Shaker kitchens were small. A Shaker-style kitchen has classic lines and understated elegance. The cabinets are unadorned, with an emphasis on functional design and craftsmanship. This design style arose from a religious group’s desire to create furniture with only the bare necessities and no embellishments. Because of its simplicity, a simple Shaker kitchen can be found in modern, traditional, high-end, and low-cost homes.

A Lesson in History: Why it’s called a Shaker Kitchen

What exactly are the Shakers?

The Shakers, officially The United Society of Believers in Christ’s Second Appearance, were an English religious sect founded in 1783. They were initially associated with the Quakers but split off in the mid-18th century. The Shakers got their name from “Shaking Quakers,” who were known for their restless worship style. Following religious persecution, the group fled to America. Along with pacifism and communal property ownership, equality of the sexes and races was a cornerstone of their faith. Shakers, on the other hand, practised celibacy, which significantly reduced their numbers. As a result, only two members of the Sabbathday Lake Shaker Village in Maine remain today. Creating something with intention was a form of meditative prayer for the Shakers. As a result, crafters adhered to the principle that beauty is found in utility and avoided unnecessary adornment that they considered too self-indulgent. They did, however, enjoy dancing. As a result, they preferred and created lightweight Shaker furniture that was easy to transport. That is why the style is distinguished by tapered and turned legs in particular.

Shaker Design

The Shakers’ emphasis on practicality enabled them to invent items that we still use today, such as the spring-loaded clothes peg, peg rail, and flat-faced broom. The resulting Shaker style was devoid of ornamentation but possessed exquisitely detailed joinery and precision. Items were simple and made only for their intended purpose. As a result, Shaker kitchens became sleek yet unassuming. The original Shaker kitchen was built many decades ago, but it has outgrown its modest beginnings. Shaker kitchen design photo galleries are abundant on the internet. To reach their clientele, the Shaker name is incorporated into trade names such as the Shaker Kitchen Company Limited. Fortunately, you don’t have to look far for the perfect Shaker kitchen cabinet doors, nor do you have to be concerned about small Shaker kitchen ideas for your tiny home: we’ve got you covered!

The Shaker Kitchen Basics

Now that you’ve learned more about the origins of the style, it’s time to learn more about shaker kitchen cabinet doors and shaker style kitchen units. Many interior designers prefer sleeker, simpler kitchens, making Shaker style a clear favorite.

The Appearance

Shaker kitchens were traditionally made from the best but least expensive wood available. Fruit tree or pine was frequently used in their furniture, giving it the classic light-wood look. Modern Shaker cabinet kitchen designs, on the other hand, can incorporate a variety of new materials and almost any wood type.

Kitchen Cabinets in the Shaker Style

The Shaker kitchen doors are unadorned, with only four wide frame pieces and a flat panel in the middle. The frame is built with traditional dovetail joints, harkening back to its humble beginnings. While the original kitchen doors were only treated with oil to preserve their natural appearance, modern Shaker kitchen cabinets are also stained or painted. The colours of Shaker kitchen cabinets are as varied as the rainbow. Unfinished shaker kitchen cabinets can be bold and contemporary or traditional and minimalist to suit any style, depending on the rest of your interior.

Hardware for Shakers

Because metal versions were deemed too elaborate, the pulls and handles of shaker kitchen drawers and cabinets were traditionally made from the same wood as the rest of the unit. Stick with minimal and humble pulls to mimic the original look of a Shaker style kitchen cabinet design, as they look best on Shaker cabinets.

Complete your Shaker Kitchen

Because of the cabinetry’s simple lines, it can easily complement any kitchen style. Here are some suggestions for completing your Shaker-style kitchen.

A Modern Twist

No Shaker household would be incomplete unless everything had its own place, which is why storage was such an important part of their furniture design. What was the point of having a table just for eating when the utensils still needed a place to live, hence the drawers in the table front? Other features that were common included a peg rail to hang outdoor garments or even chairs from the floor, chests of drawers and wardrobes that took up entire walls, a variation on the traditional English kitchen dresser. We love the traditional appeal of the shaker style and its timeless design here at Naked Kitchens, but we also love the zest and modern twists of shaker kitchens in the twenty-first century. There are numerous ways to personalize your own shaker style kitchen, ranging from the color you choose to paint it to the handles you install on the cabinetry and the worktops you select. Naked Kitchens can add aperture beading to your shaker doors to make the design really stand out. With a choice of cornice and a mix of slab or v-groove end paneling, you can add rebellion to your design.

Modern Contemporary

Mid-century modern furniture is still popular in homes around the world, but it has been given a modern makeover. A contemporary shaker style kitchen can now be combined with the most modern interior design to create a super trendy cooking zone.


Combine a cottage interior design with a farmhouse kitchen and Shaker cabinets. A Shaker-style kitchen island is ideal for cooking large family meals and displaying beautiful fresh flowers or fruit.

Style Suggestions

  • Open shelving that displays both useful and decorative items is a great way to add interest and color to your kitchen.
  • To complement the style, choose natural materials such as ceramics and copper.
  • A Shaker kitchen island is another simple way to display frequently used kitchen items; salt and pepper shakers in beautiful containers are excellent examples.

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