The Standard Height Of Bath

Choosing The Right Bath For Your Bathroom

Installing a new bathroom is time-consuming. It may seem simple, but it involves a lot of thinking and planning. You are responsible for choosing the accessories and choosing the height and width of the bath and how you want it to be. The standard height of bath varies from place to place. However, when we look at standard bath height UK, it is 510mm. The tub usually measures 1700mm x 700mm in the UK. The bath height is essential to consider for ease and the requirement. However, if you struggle to choose the right height of bath, stick to the end with us. We at kitchen toilet and bathroom have a complete guide for you.

What Is The Standard UK Bath Length?

Baths in the United Kingdom are typically 1700 mm long. While this is not a mandatory length, it is a length that is usually used without any specific requirement, and we have just become accustomed to using this length without any conditions. It is unusual for baths to measure up to 2000mm in the UK, although we have baths as small as 1450mm (1400mm). Freestanding bathtubs are often oversized and more profound than wall-mounted ones because they are not required to fit neatly into alcoves or against walls. Given below is a table of measurements for standard height of a bath.



Internal Depth





158 litres




193 litres




218 litres

Standard Bath Height

There are many exciting ways in which you can renovate a bathroom. The most important thing you want to do at the beginning is to identify the primary items you need to adhere to. It is hard to change bathrooms unless you do something drastic such as knocking down a wall or removing the bath and replacing it with a walk-in shower. In the UK, the standard size of a bathroom is 1700mm by 700mm. Generally, the standard height for a bath is 510mm. When it comes to a tub’s height, it matters a great deal how difficult it is to enter and exit, which is especially relevant in family homes or homes for the elderly. The standard basin height in the UK is approximately 850mm.

Freestanding Bath

Regardless of the size of the bathroom, freestanding baths are an excellent choice for homeowners with the space. You can choose from modern and traditional baths, which are both chic and elegant. In addition to a standard height bath, it can also be raised or elevated on a platform. It can also have different styles and feet, all of which will impact the overall height of bath. A freestanding bath in the United Kingdom has a standard size ranging between 1400mm and 1850mm.

Corner Bath

If you plan to install a corner bath in your bathroom, you must also be aware of the difference in measurement from a standard bath. The standard height of a corner bath is 560mm whereas, the length and width are 1500mm and 1020mm, respectively. A tub of this size can easily accommodate 160 l of water in it.

How Can You Measure The Height Of Bath

To measure the height of a bath, you must have a measuring tape. Consider the following steps to calculate the correct size of bath.

  • Place the tape measure on the floor in the area adjacent to the bath.
  • It would be best to stretch the measuring tape upwards to get to the edge of the bathtub.
  • Record the measurement from the floor to the edge of the bath.

Which Bath Size Is Right?

A bathtub solution that fits all is not available as there is no perfect bathtub that works for every individual. You need to consider

  • the amount of space available
  • the practicality of your plan
  • the preferences of each person.

Changing your bath does not have to be complicated, but it is essential to make sure it fits correctly, looks good, and feels comfortable. For bathrooms with a lot of space, perhaps a double-ended bath would be the best option. Consequently, the baths are more extensive, and the bathing area feels more luxurious and imposing. Couples and families will benefit significantly from tubs with two ends; they can accommodate two people. 


You should take the height of the minimum bath support into account if you want to install an acrylic bath panel. The maximum size of the bath can be set to meet your needs, but remember that you may have trouble entering and exiting a higher bath. You should carefully consider the size of the tub according to your bathroom so that it does not cause any inconvenience later.

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