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Taking showers in winters, especially in UK, is a challenging task. But when you have the best mixer shower in your home, it will be easy for you to take a bath. Thermostatic mixer shower is the invention of the modern era, and it has exceptional properties that give the user a smooth shower experience. However, if you are looking for the best thermostatic mixer shower in 2022, we at kitchen toilet and bathroom have a list prepared for you. Let’s see which mixer shower is best.

What Is A Mixer Shower

Before moving towards the best mixer shower, you must understand the true definition of a mixer shower. It is a shower enclosure that mixes hot and cold water inside itself. In the showerhead, hot and cold water are mixed, allowing you to pick the temperature according to your preference as soon as the water reaches it. These types of showerheads can be used in low and high-pressure systems. Consequently, if you have a low-pressure system, you won’t notice any change in water flow.

Best Thermostatic Mixer Shower

Mira Coda Mixer Shower

We have this fantastic Mira Coda thermostatic mixer shower at the top of the list. It has exceptional qualities that every homeowner will ever dream of. If you value money, then this product is for you. It combines performance and reliability, giving the best outcomes. The symmetric rain shower comes with a showerhead and a handset so you can move in all by yourself.
The thermostat on the shower lets you adjust the water temperature according to your need.
By using a thermostat, you can control the temperature of the water and ensure that you do not scald yourself. Cool shield technology ensures that the valve does not get hot during showering, which is safe for both the user and the environment.
Safe showering is made possible by thermostatic temperature control. By using a cooling shield, the valve will remain cool at all times. One thing that distinguishes it from other best mixer showers is that it is compatible with all systems and pressures, as mentioned.

Mode Ellis Thermostatic Mixer Shower

The next thermostatic mixer shower on our list is square-shaped, sleekly designed mode ellis. It is a unique looking contemporary designed mixer shower with a wall arm.
Modern, trendy, and in an angular design, this shower set is perfect for any bathroom. A hidden valve is a feature exclusive to modern bathrooms. This horizontally orientated shower also includes a bracket to hold your shower handset. The brass-made surface of the shower is protected from limescale with a hand-polished chrome finish.

Orchard Dulwich Mixer Shower

Next, we have the orchard flower-shaped shower with exceptional design. The traditional, luxurious Orchard Dulwich riser shower panel from orchard bathrooms adds a timeless and elegant touch to any shower enclosure or bath.
This shower kit comes complete with a chrome rail and a traditional shower mixer valve that delivers excellent looks. It is finished with a decorative velour finish on the handles that puts a luxurious feel to the shower—using this valve with a rain shower head that fits beautifully on the classic style of the head. It comes with the traditional handset that completes the look exquisitely. Limescale deposits are avoided by the thermostatic shower valve fitted with an anti-scald device. It is, however, limited to 0.5 bars of water pressure. Below this, this shower will not be able to accommodate the pressure.

Bristan Carre Thermostatic Mixer Shower

Luxury showers are a speciality of Britan Carre, a well-known UK brand known for its elegant designs. It maintains a constant water temperature in the bath when changing between it and the shower and seamlessly transitions between the shower and the bath.

As well as making sure that the temperature and flow remain consistent, the thermostatic valve also has an anti-scald feature. An adjustable riser rail kit and a built-in diverter let you customize the way you shower. The thermostatic control reduces temperature fluctuations, and the chrome-plated finish makes your shower look better for longer. If we look into the endurance of the shower, it is tested for 20,000 showers with durability. Thus, it is one of the best mixer shower.

Mode Tate Mixer Shower

Last but not least item on our list of best thermostatic mixer shower in 2022 is the mode tate mixer shower.
Modern and stylish, the Mode Tate thermostatic mixer shower with wall shower and slider rail is a beautiful addition to any shower room.
The shower valve with a contemporary design is made of solid brass and stainless steel and finished in a hand-polished chrome finish for a luxurious touch. It also consists of a thermostatic shower valve with an anti-scald device. It weighs just 3.48 kilograms, so you can easily handle it. The Mode Tate is the best choice for those looking to buy from a reputable brand at an affordable price.

How To Choose The Right Mixer Shower

The following features make a thermostatic shower the best.


Showers have improved so much in recent years that your decision will come down to your preferences. Having young children means you should make sure your shower is adjustable for their height.
Thermostatic mixer showers are available in both traditional and contemporary styles.


It can be pretty easy to install a mixer shower, depending on the system you choose. It will take longer for the installation to be completed if you’re replacing an electric shower with one requiring a hot water supply.

Pressure Controls

When purchasing a mixer valve, the paramount consideration should be the customer’s needs. These pumps come with flow rate controllable pumps, but they do not come with all. Thus, you must choose one which has a pressure control feature.

Temperature Controls

You can adjust the water temperature in different ways by using valves. Depending on the model, you can adjust the temperature by pulling and turning a lever. However, using a temperature-regulating cartridge can also be changed in some models.


Add a mixer shower to your bathroom as one way to add luxury features. It is possible to choose various designs to best suit your needs.
you will have difficulty choosing because each product is unique and features. You are still required to make a choice! Ultimately, it would help if you decided what is best for you.

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