How to Remove Limescale From Your Toilet

An Idea to Remove Limescale From Your Toilet

How to Remove Limescale From Your Toilet

Limescale deposit on bathroom accessories is a nightmare, and it not only destroys the look of the toilet and damages the equipment. However, you can remove limescale in toilet in various ways. There are specific natural remedies available. In addition, there are cleaners available to clean limescale in toilet. This guide explains ways to know how to get rid of limescale in toilet.

What is limescale?

What do you mean by limescale in toilet? Limescale looks like chalk and is made up mainly of calcium carbonate. Hard water evaporating leaves a mineral residue behind, causing them to accumulate on the surface resulting in limescale in toilet. Most of the time, you’ll find limescale in toilet bowl, taps, shower heads and plugs.

Methods To Remove Limescale

By Using Vinegar

The cheapest and most effective method to remove bad limescale in toilet is using vinegar. In addition to being a natural acid that develops after the fermentation of alcohol and carbohydrates, vinegar can dissolve a limestone build-up. You can remove limescale in toilet bowl using this method.
  • Firstly, pour vinegar in a spray bottle to evenly spray it across the surface.
  • Put the vinegar into the toilet after you’ve poured it in. Allow it to work for 3-4 hours. You can leave it overnight if your limescale is especially bad.
  • Then use your toilet brush to scrub the limescale areas that have been left to work with vinegar.
  • Use a kitchen sponge’s scourer side to clean truly stubborn stains. It might be easier to scrub with the scourer side if you are wearing gloves.
  • To clear any remaining vinegar and mineral deposits, flush the toilet several times once you are sure you have removed all the limescale.
  • Repetition will be necessary until all limescale has been removed.

Using Sand Paper

  • Sand the inside of the toilet in the first place with the medium-grain paper.
  • Don’t apply too much pressure to avoid scratching the bowl.
  • You should use fine-grain paper altogether to remove the stain from the inside of the toilet.
  • Clean the bathroom as you usually would by flushing it to remove any residue.
  • Depending on your needs, you can use medium-grain or fine-grain sandpaper.

By Using Cleaners

You can use market cleaners for this purpose too.
  • Get a toilet limescale remover to remove bad limescale in toilet.
  • Spray all over the surface that needs scaling.
  • Leave it for 10 to 15 minutes.
  • Rub the surface using a sponge or sandpaper.
  • You will see limescale coming off from the surface.
  • Wash the surface and see if there are still any particles left.
  • If you see bad limescale in toilet, repeat the process until you get the desired results.

Using Borax

It is common for toilets to develop limescale due to their moisture content. Scrubbing with borax followed by vinegar will remove it and is more effective than using only vinegar or lemon, and cleaning with borax followed by vinegar will remove it. It is possible to damage or make holes in a surface when removing limescale with sharp objects. Therefore, you should avoid using sharp objects.

How To Prevent Limescale

Calcium build-up can be caused by hard water anywhere. Your goal is to prevent it from happening, not figure out how it happened. Forget the history lesson and get right to the problem at hand. You can prevent limescale in toilet by considering the following steps
  1. Choose the best limescale remover.
  2. Clean the bathroom regularly with a good limescale remover.
  3. Do not overuse the cleaners as it may result in the fading of the colour of the surface.
  4. Consider installing a water softener to avoid complex water deposit issues.


As soluble compounds, minerals enter your toilet due to mineral deposits. As a result, these compounds will continue to solidify on the surface of your toilet once they have accumulated. As a result, cleaning the build-up from last year is a lot easier than cleaning the residue from last week’s water! The toilet bowl should be scrubbed once a month with the toilet brush. Use the methods mentioned above to remove limescale in toilet. And don’t forget to check out kitchen toilet and bathroom shop at any time.

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