How to Clean Your Walk in Bath and Shower

clean your walk in bath and shower

There is nothing more time-consuming than cleaning shower screen, enclosures, and tubs. Generally speaking, it is because shower enclosures build up soap scum and grime every day. As a result, it’s important to complete this job because leaving it unfinished can negatively affect the condition of your bathroom and your health. Working hard to shower tray clean will only make you tired if you do not follow the right technique.

We have prepared a guide on how to clean your walk in bath and shower so that you can make your life easier. Whatever your shower needs are, we’ve got it covered!

Cleaning Walk-in Bath

Using Vinegar

Vinegar is a very effective method for removing stubborn dirt if you follow some simple rules. In addition to a spray bottle and grout brush, you will need plenty of water to clean the shower tiles with vinegar.

  • Combine equal parts vinegar and water to form a vinegar mixture.
  • Spray vinegar over the shower tiles after filling a spray bottle halfway with vinegar.
  • Check the tiles for vinegar stains.
  • Wait 20 to 30 minutes.
  • After that, wash the tiles using a brush while making sure to scrub the unclean spots.
  • It is important to rinse the mixture with hot water once you have cleaned all of the unclean areas.

Note: It is possible to use a soft toothbrush or scrub brush if you are unable to find anything to use with grout brushes.

Using Baking Soda

You should try using baking soda to clean your walk-in shower if you have a lot of dirt stains, as well as an unpleasant odour.

  • Make a paste by mixing baking soda with a small amount of water.
  • Until the floor of the bathroom is completely covered with the paste, scrub in circular motions with the soda paste.
  • Spray a vinegar solution on the baking soda after it has been rubbed all over the floor. Some foaming may result.
  • Clean the tiles with a scrub brush after the foaming has subsided.
  • After you have scrubbed the tiles, wash them several times with warm water to remove any remaining residue.

Using Lemon Juice

If you have a rust stain on the floor of the walk-in shower, this method is also highly recommended.

  • The juice should be applied to the stain directly and just be enough to cover the stain.
  • After the juice has been applied, allow the acid to act for a couple of hours.
  • The timer will go off when the sponge is rinsing and cleaning the area.
  • It will help neutralize the acid present in the juice if you run the water for a few minutes.

Cleaning Bath Tub

To clean the bathtub, consider the following steps:

  • Start by filling it with hot water.
  • Put in two or three tablespoons of dishwasher granules. Scrub well.
  • Allow the detergent to soak in for about 10 minutes to act as an activator.
  • You are now ready to run the jets again for 15 minutes by draining your tub completely, filling it up with clean water, and then rinsing it with soap again.

Shower Enclosure Drain Cleaning

It is important to maintain shower enclosure, It can be done by cleaning a shower enclosure now and then. you should choose the best ways to clean shower enclosure. You will avoid clogs and the water will drain properly if you do this once a month. The harsh chemicals in chemical drain cleaners can damage your plumbing, so we do not recommend them. So follow the steps outlined here to do this the natural way.

  • Make sure you wear rubber gloves as you do this.
  • Take off the drain cap from the shower.
  • To fully clean the pipes, you must remove physical obstructions first.
  • This is best done with a drain snake.
  • You can use your fingers to remove initial debris.
  • You will have to carefully place the movable end of the drain snake inside the drain and push it down the drain with care.
  • The snake should wind down the drain with a slight winding motion.
  • Gradually pull it upward. Using a plastic bag, collect the debris blocking the drain.
  • After that, clean up any remaining debris with one tablespoon of baking soda and a couple of tablespoons of vinegar.
  • Flush this down your shower drain. Next, pour some white distilled vinegar down the drain.
  • Make sure that you wait for an hour or two.
  • To flush the mixture down the drain, pour half a bucket of hot water into it.
  • Make sure the drain cap of the shower is secure before re-opening the water.

Cleaning Tips

Wash after bathing

There is nothing strange about wanting to simply get back to your day after using your walk-in tub. Nevertheless, if you take a few minutes to clean your tub every time you take a shower, you can prevent yourself from having to scrub for quite some time. If you’re planning on draining the tub, you might want to take a minute to rinse it out with warm water instead of simply draining it and leaving it. Make use of the handheld showerhead.

By rinsing your appliances, you can remove any build-up, like limescale and soap scum, while they’re still fresh. Without rinsing your equipment after using it, that build-up will eventually settle and become hard to remove because it will dry into the surfaces.

Clean Shower Glass

The glass in your shower enclosure needs to be rinsed after cleaning it with a commercial product or a homemade solution. This method, however, has one major drawback for those who live in hard water areas: once the shower screen has dried, limescale and water marks will appear on it. It is important to prevent water stains with a squeegee.

Shower screens and doors can be protected effortlessly from streaks, water marks, and limescale with squeegees. As well as helping to move water toward the drain, they can also be used in showers and in bathrooms to ensure the space dries faster.

Cleaning shower glass with microfiber cloths is also a good idea. Cleaning them prevents accumulation on shower doors as well as allows you to reach hard-to-reach places like under handles and in tight corners. Wash the cloth at least once a week after use by wringing it out, allowing it to dry, and then washing it.

Use homemade remedies 

Distilled vinegar is a popular remedy for cleaning shower glass that works wonders. If the door of your shower is still sticky, spray it with equal parts of white vinegar and water, or fill the spray bottle with vinegar and water. The glass must be squeegeed with excess water removed in order to enhance the results.

Another method for cleaning your shower tray is to use vinegar. Use the same vinegar-and-water combination on your shower tray for 30 minutes. Wipe away all residue with a sponge after rubbing the solution in.

The other natural cleaner that you can easily find at your local store is lemon juice if you are not a fan of vinegar. Lemons are easy to use. Just cut them in half, rub them all over, then scrub with a sponge, and let them air-dry.

Repair Damage

While it is very unlikely that damage will occur, it may happen from time to time. Be sure to examine the surface, fixtures, and moving parts of the tub for signs of damage. You should check leaking taps and shower heads, as well as door hinges, handles, and handles. You must repair the damage as soon as possible to keep your tub watertight, safe, and ready to use.

New walk-in bathtub Cleaning

A new walk-in bath you purchased will need to be maintained in good condition for years to come.If you are planning to buy new bathtub you can contact us for durable and affordable bathtubs.

If you want your bathtub to keep looking as good as new, you might need to purchase an appropriate surface cleaner and also a cleaner for the pump and jets. A clean cloth, white vinegar, bathroom cleaners, and a fresh towel or cloth will be enough for cleaning the inside of the tub.

Cleaning a walk-in bath should be done after you’ve just used it, but you should also do a deep clean every month.

Things to Consider

Below are our suggested tips and tricks to increase the life of a bath and shower:

  • You must not use any extremely harsh scrubbers on your tub. Your bathtub may become scratched and dull as a result of using these tools.
  • You should use only mild detergents to wash your tub, for example, dishwashing liquid.
  • By using an automotive cleaning compound on the damaged areas, you will be able to restore the appearance of light scratches and dulled areas.
  • Make sure the jets are not operated when the tub is dry.

Bottom Line

Once you know how to clean your walk in bath and shower your life will become a lot easier. People struggle to find answers to how to clean shower enclosure so here you have our guide. You will not need to struggle to find an answer to your questions whether “how to clean shower enclosure” or “how to clean your walk in bath and shower

In summary, you don’t have to struggle to keep your shower clean. If you keep it clean regularly, you won’t have to worry when friends or family show up unexpectedly. Cleaning the shower door glass with a soft cloth after every use is essential. Cleaning tips can be used for cleaning a variety of shower enclosures: square enclosures, offset quadrant enclosures, pivoting shower doors, walk-in enclosures, side panels, and bi-fold or square enclosures.


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