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1. What are some essential bathroom accessories?

Most of the time, the essentials of a bathroom depending on the type of bathroom. However, some of the crucial accessories may include a mirror, a shower, wash-basin, toilet, and shower curtains.

2. Why is it important to keep bathroom accessories clean?

Maintain a clean bathroom every day and deep clean it weekly to prevent illnesses and infections. Bathroom surfaces can harbour microorganisms for up to a week and spread diseases.

3. Do you accept online payments?

Yes, we do accept online payment through Paypal, Master Card, credit/debit cards.

4. Is it worth updating your bathroom?

Energy-efficient bathrooms save you money and reduce the impact on the environment. Water and electric waste can be reduced by replacing the fixtures and plumbing in your bathroom, as well as maintenance costs can be reduced.

5. Is it possible to find the dimensions of a product online?

We strive to provide dimensions for all of the products we offer. When dimensions for a product are available, the information will appear under the product you are looking at.

6. Are spare parts available from you?

Our website contains everything about our products. We do not sell spare parts at this time. If your parts are still under warranty, we can help with spare part advice.

7. Is there any paperwork?

We don't include invoices with the delivery. We will email your invoice to you.

8. How long will the delivery take?

Depending on your order and location, you can expect a varying delivery time. We try to dispatch all orders as soon as possible. However, delays can sometimes occur due to stock level on hand or other unforeseen factors. We display the stock levels of our products on the website. Throughout the ordering process, we will update your order status fully and provide a tracking link so that you can see where your order is at any given time.

9. Can I track my order?

Yes, you can track your order from our "track my order" page.

10. Do you share customer info with a third party?

We do not share any personal info with a third party as it is against our customer policy.


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