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What Colour Goes With Grey Kitchen Units – Here Is All You Need To Know

Choosing colour combinations to put on your cabinets is essential for your kitchen design. But how do you choose the right colour for your kitchen? What colour goes with grey kitchen units?
In theory, grey kitchen units answer all of your decorating problems, and they go well with everything and don’t clash with anything. But when you set out to buy some, you’re faced with a great dilemma: what colour carpet should it match?
Should it match the green of the curtain fabric? Or perhaps you should go for a bold blue or red like in that recently seen magazine? Will grey look good with yellow, pink, or maybe brown?
If you have no idea where to start with your colour selection or what colour with grey kitchen works the best, you’ll be surprised at how easy it is to decide on the walls and flooring once you choose an appropriate colour scheme for your grey kitchen units.

What Colours Go with Grey Kitchen Units?

Grey kitchen units create a natural, neutral platform for pattern and colour. So when you are planning your kitchen scheme, don’t be afraid to think outside the box. Your options are almost limitless and can be easily achieved with accessories.
Try accessorizing colour that work with grey kitchen like bold shades of yellow and blue to create a statement look full of personality. You could also introduce colour through a vibrant blind or a decorative cushion.
To achieve a clean and modern look, why not use white as the main colour in your design? You can then add dark grey tones throughout the space to balance the overall look.
Incorporate different tones of grey into your space to create an attractive, layered look. For example, use mid-tone greys on your walls and floors, bright grey kitchen cabinets, and dark grey accessories.
Why not use different materials to give your space some texture? Different tones of grey will help you distinguish between each material used in the room.

Grey Kitchen Units: What Colour Floors Work Best?

When designing your grey kitchen, you will want to consider the what colour flooring goes with grey kitchen units. And it is essential to note that grey does not have to be dull, and it can be exciting and dynamic.
The good news is that grey kitchen floors look fantastic with every other colour. Because it is a neutral tone, it goes well with any different shade. So, if you are planning a new colour scheme for your kitchen, you should check out these ideas and see what suits your style.
If you have chosen grey kitchen units, the obvious choice would be to opt for a grey floor. The great thing about this is that so many different options are available. For example, you could choose a lighter shade of grey or go with something darker.
There are so many ranges of greys available out there that you will have no trouble finding the right one for your space.

Go Darker

A darker shade of grey for your floor can give the illusion that your kitchen is more significant than it is. Darker tones also create a cosy vibe, making this perfect for those who have an open-concept kitchen and living area in their home.

Go Lighter

If you have dark grey cabinets, you may want to consider a lighter shade of flooring—especially if you’re brightening up the space. A lighter shade will also make cleaning more accessible, as they’re less likely to show dirt and grime buildup as quickly as darker shades would.

Grey Kitchen Units: What Colour Walls Should You Choose?

Grey and White

One of the most popular colour schemes for kitchens is grey and white. With this scheme, you can pair your favourite shade of grey with a crisp white or even an off-white. This scheme works particularly well in smaller kitchens as it helps to create an airy feel.

Grey and Yellow

If you’re looking for a cheerful kitchen colour scheme, why not try pairing your favourite shade of grey with yellow? Yellow is associated with happiness and light, making it the perfect complement to dark greys. Choose bright yellows to make your kitchen feel fresh and airy; select mustard yellows for a more traditional look; or go for yellow-gold tones for something more sophisticated.

What Colour Goes With Grey Kitchen Units

Grey tones are very versatile and work well with most other colours. Whether you’re looking for a dark grey kitchen with a high gloss finish or something lighter and more traditional, there’s bound to be something that fits the bill.
If you love the idea of having a grey kitchen but aren’t sure what other colours to pair it with, then here are some great examples to inspire you.

Pastel Blue

Pastel blue is one of the most popular colours for kitchens this year, and it looks great when paired with grey. It’s also very versatile as there are many different shades ranging from soft powdery tones to deeper blues with green undertones. Pale pastel blue will look perfect in an all-white kitchen. If you want something darker, try using navy instead – this works exceptionally well if your cabinets have glass fronts because they’ll reflect light from outside to create an airy feel inside, too!

A Splash of Pink with Grey

Pink is having its moment right now, and there’s no reason you can’t pair it with grey in the kitchen! We know pink kitchens have been around for quite some time now, but this time it’s all about pastel pinks paired with grey.

Whites and Creams with Grey

A light, the bright colour scheme can open up a space, which is why so many people opt for white walls and cream units in their kitchen. If you have a small kitchen, using one of these colours on your walls can help make it feel more significant than it is and give it an airy feel.
If you love the clean look that comes with white but wants some interest, combining it with grey will give you the best of both worlds. You don’t need to go bold with your choices either; just adding some grey accessories to your white kitchen will bring life to the room.

Sage Green with Grey

Sage green has been a popular shade for kitchens for years now. And it’s not surprising – it’s a versatile colour that works with all sorts of styles, including grey kitchens. Go for lighter greys for a classic country look, such as our Hamilton Fjord painted units with Earthstone worktops.
Suppose you prefer a contemporary style, pair darker greys like our Truffle Oak Gloss units with lighter greens like Sage Gloss or Sage Matt. And if you want something somewhere in-between, Stone Grey units look great with Sage Satin units.

Navy Blue with Grey

If you are looking for a more contemporary take on the classic blue and grey kitchen, we recommend choosing a deep navy blue. This creates a beautiful, modern scheme that is easy on the eye.

Dark Teal with Cream

If you fancy a dark blue and grey kitchen but don’t want to overdo it, why not add some lightness with a cream? The teal will add fun to the design and keep it from becoming too dull or ordinary.

Midnight Blue with White

This is another alternative to the classic navy blue: midnight blue. It’s slightly lighter than navy and has a gorgeous purple undertone that complements wood beautifully. Use this colour on your cabinetry and pair it with white paint for a lovely monochrome effect.

Ink Blue with Light Grey

Another great way to create an edgy look is to choose an ink or petrol shade of blue for your kitchen units, then pair them with light grey paint elsewhere in your space (on walls, flooring, and even ceiling).
This will help make your home feel very open and spacious and add stylish modernity throughout.

Contrasting Colours

One of the best ways to create a real impact in your kitchen is to pick out contrasting colours from your colour with grey kitchen. For example, if you have a very light shade of greys, such as Cashmere or Light Grey, then a darker colour on the wall will create a stunning effect.
Go for bold shades such as plum, teal, mustard yellow, or bright red. If you select a darker grey, such as Pigeon or Graphite, then use lighter shades on the walls for contrast. This is particularly effective with Soft Duck Egg Blue or Dusted Fondant.

Metallic Accents

Another way you can add contrast to your grey kitchen units is by introducing metallic accents. Grey works well with gold and silver tones as it picks them up and enhances their appearance. You can add metallic accents through your splashback tiles, handles, and even lighting fixtures to create an overall impression of luxury in your kitchen space.


The best accessories for this kitchen are shiny metals, like copper and brass. These work particularly well if you have a statement chandelier as your centrepiece – we love this look! You could also add pops of colour with artwork, especially bright yellow.

Bottom Line

We hope we’ve given you a good foundation for making your own grey kitchen units decision and now know which colour with grey kitchen suits the best. When in doubt, it’s always worth going with white to keep the look timeless. But if you’re ready to push the envelope, other colours can work exceptionally well with a mid-tone grey.
The final choice comes down to personal preference and how you envision your new design scheme. You’ve got some great options, so enjoy the process!
If you require a new grey kitchen, we hope that this article helped point you in the right direction. We looked at different kitchen units, so we’re sure there’s something here for everyone. And with that, we hope you found it helpful and informative!
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